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The U.S. 2nd Rifle Regiment - 1814-15

"The Second Regiment Of RifleMen.
This regiment was organized under the act of Congress approved February 10, 1814. About twothirds of its men were recruited in Kentucky, and the remainder in Ohio. Its principal officers from Kentucky were Colonel Anthony Butler, Lieutenant-Colonel George Croghan, and Captains Robert Breckinridge, Benjamin Desha, James Hickman, Hugh Innes, Benjamin Johnson (who by resolution of Congress of February 13, 1835, received a sword for his gallant conduct in defense of Fort Stephenson, 0., while an officer of the Twenty-eighth Infantry), and John 0'Fallon, who had served with distinction in the battle of Tippecanoe. After the close of the war Captain O'Fallon settled in St. Louis, where he became a very distinguished and prominent citizen.
It does not appear that this regiment ever had the fortune to be engaged in any battle of note, although it probably did a good deal of scouting in the protection of the frontiers, a very arduous duty.
There were, altogether, four regiments of United States Riflemen in service in the War of 1812; and on May 17, 1815, under the act of March" 3, 1815, the Second Rifle Regiment was consolidated with the three others into one regiment, which was known as "The Rifle Regiment.''p. 22 


Recent scholarship on the 2nd Rifles, the most definitive to date, is featured at the Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission website  in two articles by retired Army Colonel James Brenner:

Notes on Ohio’s Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1812 to 1815, by James T. Brenner'sRegulars.pdf

U.S. Rifle Regiments in the Northwestern Army, by James T Brenner,
THE GREEN AGAINST THE BRITISH RED: U.S. Rifle Regiments in the Northwestern Army
James T. Brenner


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