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World War I Veterans Remembered - Armistice Day and related articles - John Dickinson Sherman


How Our Heroes Look - By John Dickinson Sherman
Washington County News - Jul 3, 1919

Dakota County Herald - Jul 03, 1919;words=SHERMAN+JOHN+DICKINSON?date1=1918&sort=relevance&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=&date2=1922&proxtext=John+Dickinson+Sherman&y=19&x=17&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=2&index=19
The Red Cloud Chief - Jul 10, 1919;words=JOHN+SHERMAN+DICKINSON?date1=1860&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&sort=relevance&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=&date2=1922&proxtext=John+Dickinson+Sherman&y=8&x=9&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=2&page=3&page=2&page=1&page=3&page=4&page=5&index=13

78 Congressional Medals of Honor to A.E.F. - By John Dickinson Sherman
The Polk County News - Sep 19, 1919 (better illustration)
The Woodville Republican - Sep 27, 1919 (better text copy)



How About West Point?
The Woodville Republican - Aug 21, 1920

Spirit of Armistice Day - By John Dickinson Sherman
The Turners Falls Reporter - Nov 9, 1921

Samuel Woodfill - Hero of Heroes - By John Dickinson Sherman
The Turners Falls Reporter - Jan 11, 1922

"Lost Battalion Was Not Lost" - By John Dickinson Sherman
The Polk County News - Feb 10, 1922 

Spirit of Memorial Day, 1923 - By John Dickinson Sherman
Providence County Times - May 29, 1923

War As It Will Be Fought - Chemistry To Make It Bloodless But Even More Awful - By John Dickinson Sherman
Providence County Times - Oct 16, 1923

Spirit Of Armistice Day - By John Dickinson Sherman
Woodville Republican - Nov 3, 1923
Providence County Times - Nov 6, 1923 

Blue, Gray and Khaki - Memorial Day - By John Dickinson Sherman
Providence County Times - May 20, 1924

Six Years After - Armistice Day, 1924, Holds Promise for Future - By John Dickinson Sherman
Providence County Times, Oct 31, 1924

Sioux County Newspaper Archives (1872-2007) Free  

Friday, May 15, 1925 Rock Valley, Iowa
see also Boyden ReporterHospers Tribune  , Sioux Center News    

Navy Day - By John Dickinson Sherman
Vernal Express - Oct 23, 1925

Armistice Day, 1925 - By John Dickinson Sherman
Vernal Express - Nov 6, 1925

Rodgers and Lexington - Naval History - By John Dickinson Sherman
Vernal Express - Nov 13, 1925

"Soldier and Sailor Too" - 150 Years of U.S. Marine Corps - By John Dickinson Sherman
Three Forks News - Feb 18, 1926

Chicago Tribune - Mar 20, 1926
John Dickinson Sherman, thirty and more years ago city editor of THE TRIBUNE and a veteran Chicago newspaper man, died in St. Luke's hospital shortly after 8 o'clock last night of acute stomach trouble from which he had been suffering for years.


Memorial Day, 1926
Three Forks News - May 20, 1926 (in Feb 18 link)

World War I - "Reputations Ten Years After" - By Elmo Scott Watson
Duchesne County Newspapers Nov 9, 1928

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Theodore Roosevelt Jr's 1927 syndicated series Heroes of the Service; later publishes as "Rank and File" - 1928
October 5, 2011

Senators Urge New Look At Black Soldier's Heroics

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two Democratic senators say they have new evidence of a black soldier's heroics during World War I, and want him to be considered for the Medal of Honor.

Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon sent a letter asking Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to consider the honor for Sgt. Henry Lincoln Johnson. They say they have a handwritten account from Johnson's partner on sentry duty when 20 Germans attacked the 369th Infantry, also known as the Harlem Hellfighters, on May 15, 1918.

The senators say U.S. officials for 90 years have said there were not enough U.S. sources to confirm his story.

Johnson was awarded the Purple Heart in 1996 and the Distinguished Service Cross in 2003. He received France's highest award for valor in 1918.


WWI - Anniversary News Articles


WWI American Heritage articles in the Spokane Daily Chronicle - 1964
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1916-PunitiveExpedition, Spokane Daily Chronicle, Feb 9,1963
When war was Simpler - St Petersburg Times, Nov 5,1960



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