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March 13, 1758
The Story of a Forgotten Battle - The Battle of Rogers Rock

Piute County 1930-03-14

Rogers -Story of a Forgotten Battle, by Elmo Scott Watson, The Dayton Review, Mar 6, 1930

March 15, 1781
Guilford Court House and Nathaniel Greene
He Lost a Battle and Won a Campaign
Duchesne County Newspapers 1931-03-06
Iron County Record 1931-02-25
Kane County Standard 1931-03-06
Millard County Chronicle 1931-02-26

Nathanael Greene by Elmo Scott Watson, Duchesne County, Mar 6, 1931


Mar 16, 1802,
"...March 16, 1802, marks the day when Congress formally authorized the funding for and President Thomas Jefferson signed the document establishing the existence of West Point, the military academy. On that date, Jefferson signed the Military Peace Establishment Act, directing that a Corps of Engineers be established and “stationed at West Point in the state of New York, and shall constitute a Military Academy” (West Point formally commenced its role as an institution for scientific and military learning on July 4, 1802). - USMA AOG"

Mar 17, 1777
Tim Murphy, Fighting Irishman, Fired "Shot Heard 'Round World"
Garfield County 1938-03-10
Iron County Record 1938-03-10

Timothy Murphy, Elmo Scott Watson, Pueblo Indicator, Mar 12, 1938 -