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Notable November

articles by Elmo Scott Watson

Two Notable November Indian Battles 
Iron County Record 1931-10-21 Kane County Standard 1931-10-30
Manti Messenger 1931-10-23 Two 
Millard County Chronicle 1931-10-22 
Murray Eagle 1931-10-29 
Times Independent 1931-10-22

Nebraska's Diamond Jubilee - 
Kane County Standard 1929-10-18
Parowan Times 1929-10-16
Piute County 1929-10-18
Times Independent 1929-10-17

Nebraska - "the Cornhusker State" 
Garfield County News 1946-01-31
Manti Messenger 1946-02-01
Times Independent 1946-01-31

Throughout the year, I look forward to reading about Nebraska football history at HUSKERMAX.COM; especially when they use "news" links to the past

this week in Husker history

an inspirational player from my youth! He should have done better by the Patriot's Danny Woodhead!

I also can't remember watching a greater college game then NU vs OU  in November 1971 - so much has changed about the game since then - but "I have a photograph" to preserve the memory......


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