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Daniel Boone stories in Boy's Life - 1914, 1922, 1954 - Summer Reading Plan for My Pal, Will

My Grandson, William, will be arriving shortly for a summer visit...he already loves the old books and old TV videos/DVDs I, and his father, have of Fess Parker (RIP) as Davy Crockett (...Crockett don't lie!) and Daniel Boone (...was a man, Yes, a real man)....

I plan to share the following Daniel Boone articles with him at bedtime story-telling time (and someday too with my new grandson Eli!) They come from the back issues of Boy's Life...courtesy of Google...

Or we will read them while he sits on my lap at this here ole' computer...
In that case, I plan to use You Tube clips of Disney history movies, Fess Parker and Johnny Horton songs to supplement...ain't technology great?!

Yes, indeed, as we have in the past, we'll sing a rousing song or two....with Audrey's help of course..."And we are the Sons Yes, we are the Sons The Sons of Liberty!"


Front Cover
Jan 1922


Front Cover
Sep 1919
"Boone-like" Illustration by "Bothin" - Sep 1919

This might be a bit too long to read at this stage (age 3)..but it's here for the record..the boy scouts of 1914 were given a lot more to read!

Front Cover
Jun 1914




Daniel Boone Bicentennial - article - Sunday Morning Star, Nov 4 1934

Daniel Boone by J Carroll Mansfield


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