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Lynn Tew Sprague - History-Biography articles from Outing Magazine1905-1908

Google book links to history-biography articles written by Lynn Tew Sprague with illustrative drawings by Stanley M. Arthur, from Outing Magazine 1905-1908.
 "Outing was a late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century magazine covering a variety of sporting activities" as well as adventure, travel, fiction, and historical topics -

John Paul Jones - The Man. Outing. 46: 707-12. S. '05.

Old Put [Israel Putnam] A Hero of The People Outing. 47:343-7. D. '05.

General Francis Marion. The Knight of The Revolution, Outing. 47: 402-9. Ja. '06.

(General) Mad Anthony Wayne. Outing. 47: 761-6. Mi. '06.

General Daniel Morgan. The Hero of Cowpens,  Outing. 48: 228-34. My. '06.

General Henry Lee. Outing. 48: 478-86. Jl. '06.

General Harrison, the Hero of Tippecanoe. Outing. 48: 731-7. S. '06.

Old Hickory and his Indian campaigns. Outing. 49: 223-31. N. '06.

George Rogers Clark and his Conquest of the Middle West. Outing. 49: 474-81. Ja. '07.

Osceola, chief of the Seminoles. Outing. 49: 644-52. F. '07.

Conspiracy of Pontiac. Outing. 50: 27-35. Ap. '07.

Simon Kenton, scalp hunter. Outing. 50: 285-292. Je. '07.

Planting of a nation.[Jamestown] Outing. 50: 399-406. Jl. 07

General James Robertson, the Father of Tennessee. Outing. 50: 606-13. Ag. '07.

General Isaac Shelby. Outing. 51: 73-82. O. '07.

Nolichucky Jack. Outing. 52: 97-103. Ap. '08.

Terror of the Tories. Colonel Benjamin Cleavland Old Roundabout, Outing. 53:59-67. O. '08.

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Outing Magazine

I have not been able to find a mini-biography of Lynn Tew Sprague (1855-1929). He was a 1880 graduate of the University of Michigan, LL.B. and an Attorney in Jamestown NY in 1911. He was living at 2400 Dwight Way. Berkeley, Cal in 1923, according to the Catalogue of graduates, non-graduates, officers, and members of  University of Michigan, by Harley Le Roy Sensemann - 1923 and he died 3 Oct 1929 at Oakland California aged 74 (University of Michigan. Alumni Association - 1930). He was a prolific writer and sometimes poet, on a wide variety of outdoor topics, including  hunting, fishing, birds, wildlife  (Do Animals Think?), and other naturist topics, for Outing, Overland monthly and Out West magazine, , Recreation, Bird-Lore, and Forest and Stream among others (Lynn Tew Sprague, "Ethics and the Sportsman," Forest and Stream 58 (June 21,1902))

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