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U.S. Riflemen_1808-1821 - illustrations links

 American State Papers, Senate, 13th Congress, 2nd Session
Military Affairs: Volume 1 p.437

Key titles with illustrations*:

Rifleman illustration (no link)
The American War 1812–14
Philip Katcher
Illustrator: Bryan Fosten
Published by Osprey Publishing, November 1990

Riflemen illustration
The United States Army 1812-1815
By James Kochan, Illustrated by David Rickman
Published by Osprey Publishing, 2000

Riflemen illustrations (no link)
Green Coats and Glory: the United States Regiment of Riflemen, 1808-1821
By John C. Fredriksen; illustrated by
Alan Archambault;
includes two illustrations from H. Charles
McBarron -"Dean of American Military Illustrators"
Published by Old Fort Niagara Association, 2000

Riflemen illustration
The United States Infantry: An Illustrated History, 1775-1918
By Gregory J. W. Urwin, Illustrated by Darby Erd
Published by University of Oklahoma Press, 2000

Rifleman illustration
The United States Army 1783-1811
By James Kochan, Illustrated by David Rickman
Published by Osprey Publishing, 2001

Riflemen illustration
The American Soldier, 1814
by H. Charles McBarron, 1975, US Army Center of Military History
select Artwork-Prints and Poster Sets-The American Soldier-page 1

Riflemen illustration
copy of McBarron's -The American Soldier 1814
Fort Atkinson, Ne - The First Regiment of United States Riflemen

Riflemen illustration
American Soldier ~ 1814 (2 prints - for sale)

by H. Charles McBarron, Facsimile Signed 1975, Vintage Prints and Collectibles

*previous views of google books provided illustration - current views may have changed

Riflemen uniforms:

Riflemen illustration REGIMENT OF RIFLEMEN, WINTER UNIFORM 1812-1815 by H. Charles McBarron - Plate No. 95 - MILITARY UNIFORMS IN AMERICA VI, No. 4: December 1954, Company of Military Historians (see below)

pictures - U.S. Rifle Uniforms and Canadian Rifle Companies: An Examination of Lt. Levi Soper's Coat
by Robert Henderson - The War of 1812 website

picture - Uniform Coat - 3rd United States Rifle Regiment War of 1812-1815 depicted at The Cabildo - The Battle of New Orleans
Original loaned by Mrs. Susan H. Bienvenu.
Photo courtesy of Timothy Pickles.
...coat is a reproduction of the one worn by Lt. Colonel W.S. Hamilton in the War of 1812.

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